Joan Bebronne
Passionate designer

Trained as a stylist at La Cambre, I have worked for 25 years to create trends, colours and fabrics for the world of lingerie. Architecture has always been my passion and as such, object design has become an obvious path for me.

À propos Mademoiselle Jo Design studio
À propos Mademoiselle Jo Design Studio


My approach is based on intuition, with a fascination for the material and the intention to offer something beautiful and different. My vision delicately intertwines heritage and technology, aiming to offer creations at the right price, designed to last and be transmitted, while trying to produce as local as possible and to highlight our know-how.


Driven by passion
Taken by obsession
Amazed by the creation
Charmed by the vision
Averted by daydreams
Full of emotion
Fuelled by constraint
Consumed by inspiration
Blinded by beauty

À propos Mademoiselle Jo Design Studio
MlleJo - équipe


Production Manager
efficient, versatile and creative

Sales Manager
multilingual and ambitious

Logistics expert
well organised and remarkable


A responsible commitment
For a sustainable product.

We offer products produced with great care in Belgium and Europe. Useful creations that make you smile, creations you pass on, objects that will have multiple usages in their different lives following the imagination of their owner.