• Amber-coloured glass tray
  • Amber-coloured glass tray
  • Amber-coloured glass tray
  • Amber-coloured glass tray
  • Amber-coloured glass tray

Amber glass tray with wooden base




Structured glass tray


Amber-coloured glass tray combining a curved structured glass and a removable wooden base.
– Tray dimensions: 25 x 16 cm
– Height : 2.5 cm
– Weight: 1kg

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The amber-coloured glass tray by Mlle Jo is an elegant object made of coloured structured glass. A visual as well as a tactile experience, glass changes with every glance, adding a captivating, graphic dimension to any interior. Melted using traditional Murano processes, the GLOWY coat hooks and LOUPY trays are made from 3 layers of textured glass to create subtle, deep tones. Inspired by the architectural landscape discovered during the designer’s trip to Japan, the LOUPY trays are astonishing in their sophistication and simplicity. They combine a removable wooden base with a curved glass top. Their surprising shape will breathe an unexpected air into your compositions.La loupy collection, is available in different colours ; the amber and the green, are the different colours proposed.

Glass and wood combine harmoniously to give life and individuality to your compositions. Combined with other glass elements such as the Glowy the loupy trays, will offer a graphic and luminous composition.

Joan Bebronne, designer et créatrice de Mademoiselle Jo, a créé un objet graphique et lumineux. Les plateaux Loupy sont composés d’un plateau en verre bombé et d’un pied en bois. Le nom LOUPY fait référence à l’aspect arrondi, bombé du plateau..

Weight 2 kg